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global distro x promo exclusively for the Leaky Sync Collective.

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Leaky Sync continues to hear from rightsowners within the collective who’ve been looking for additional support in the licensing & promotion of both back catalog works + new releases, as most rightsowner distributors only provide them with DSP ad services and simple (yet useful) marketing tools.

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In turn, we created a solution.

As a boutique music licensing collective with a team who has marketed well over 200+ releases for both indie/major labels, it made sense for Leaky Sync to create a solution for the collective by providing global distribution that focuses on fresh promo opportunities, while building a diversified royalty stream.

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distro x terms

Leaky Sync teamed-up with DistroDirect to offer rightsowners an artist-friendly ecosystem that provides transparent accounting, royalty statements, and streaming analytics, all under a robust artist dashboard.

Rightsowners will register their account, upload their songs along with the necessary metadata, and schedule their release on an agreed date w/ Leaky Sync to prepare for the promo campaign.

Leaky Sync will keep you abreast on all promotional opportunities, requirements and efforts via email.


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Agreement Type: exclusive global distribution

Term: 2-years w/ 1-year rolling term

Split: 65/35 in favor of rightsowners

Covers: Audiam, Bandcamp, Direct Deal Licensing, DSPs/stores, Micro-Sync, Sound Exchange (label side)

Exit Strategy: Takedown request available once promo services have been recouped.

Terms of Service

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perks x promo

Global Distro Perks

  • Retain 100% of your copyrights
  • Global Music Distro to 100+ Services
  • Auto Opt-In to New Stores / DSPs
  • Provided Barcodes & ISRC codes
  • Free iTunes Pre-Orders, Pre-Saves & Release Day smartURLs
  • Music Video Delivery to Apple Music + VEVO (w/ channel creation)
  • Access to your Accounting & Royalty Statements
  • Direct-to-Bank Royalty Payments
  • Dedicated Dashboard Support Team
  • Aid w/ DSP Profile Issues

Promo Campaign Elements

  • Focus Track/Singles Pitched to DSP + SYNC Relations
  • Focus Track, Singles and Music Videos Promoted to Background & In-Flight Music Companies + Media Relations
  • Music Videos Pitching to Cable & VOD channels (+ VEVO editorial)
  • Targeted Internet Radio Promo
  • Promo Blast Servicing 100+ Digital & Terrestrial Radio Stations via Disco
  • Micro Sync Delivery & Playlisting Opportunities

who we deliver 2

Notable Tier 1‘s

Music Video Distro

Notable Tier 2‘s

CMO‘s + Royalty Collection Co‘s

who we pitch 2

Background + In-Flight

DSP‘s + Media + Platforms

first on deck

alfonso lugo


nick v. (sueño sana)

a&r program

Leaky Sync is reconnecting with artist and industry relations who still have access to or are active in the creator space, who continue to make a positive impact in their music communities.

We envision Sound x Culture A&R Reps introducing creative rightsowners (artists, bands, DJs, producers, remixers) to Leaky Sync who are creating sync-friendly music for Leaky Sync to potentially represent certain songs.


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For all creative rightsowners referred by an A&R rep that Leaky Sync does sign, the rep will earn the following commission points from said rightsowners‘ earnings:

  • 10% from the Next Sync Fee that Leaky Sync places.
  • 3-5% from Digital Distribution Royalties (performance based)

All commissions come from the top of Leaky Sync's NET earnings, after rightsowners have been paid.

A&R Reps will send referral links for rightsowners to sign-up to for Global Distro, allowing reps to track earnings for each release via their own account.

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